Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Second Annual....

It's time again for our second annual ONESIE party at Grandma's house! A few of my cousins and I have decided to make this a tradition with Grandma. We used to watch the movie, The Best Christmas Ever all year round when we were younger. We still love it and I think we still even know almost all of the words to the songs. It brings us back to our childhood, and who doesn't want to be a kid again sometimes?!?!The BEST Christmas movie
The onesies are just another "kid" thing to add to the party

Traditional booty shot

We have way to much fun together! Grandma is such a trooper to put up with us crazy girls, we love her and are glad she does it! Thanks for the good times, I can't wait for next year!


  1. Love the pics...perhaps we should pass this tradition down to the great-grandkids!:)

  2. How fun. Love the jammies and love your cute grandma.

  3. So fun Ashlee!I love your grandma she's so fun... We just might have to start our own tradition like this! Hope you doing good, Merry Christmas!