Sunday, February 20, 2011


We have been talking about going to Disneyland since last summer and we finally made it! We went the first week of February and we couldn't have picked a better time to go. The weather was perfect-yes it was 70 degrees! And it wasn't' very crowded at all. We didn't have to wait long to get onto any of the rides-most of them we just walked right on. We couldn't have asked for a better time!
(sorry for the picture overload-I couldn't leave any out)
The LONG 10 hour drive.....
We had to find something to do to entertain ourselves-pictures is always a good option.
We had had it by the time we go to California-all we can say is thank heavens my parents car has a DVD player in it! My Dad is a trooper and drove the whole way. I think he was just as excited as us to get there. He even sang a little song to us on our way that made us laugh. It went a little like this "hi ho hi ho off to Disneyland I go..." That's as much as I remember but it kept us laughing. We sure do love our Dad-he is one funny guy! Our husbands weren't with us because they were lucky enough to fly down the next morning!

We finally made it to Disneyland- Hadlee was so excited to be there. Peyton gets a little bit nervous with big crowds and strange places so it took her a little while longer to warm up to it. The first 2 days we were there she kept telling us she wanted to go HOME, we convinced her that we had to see Mickey Mouse and go on a few rides first.

As you can see, she was less than thrilled to be seeing Mickey Mouse. She did warm up to all of the characters by the next day in the park and then that's all she wanted to do-She kept telling us "I wanna see Mickey"

It just isn't Disneyland if you don't have a picture with Mickey
The kids loved playing on the cars and Peyton loved being able to walk through Mickey and Minnie's houses. I think we all took a turn taking her through them. We are just glad she found something she liked. She wasn't to sure about any of the rides.
I love the pictures the camera's on the rides take. This is the only one we got-I kept forgetting to take my camera with me on the other rides.

I think this was one of the kids favorite places. Hadlee found several rides that she loved and couldn't wait for us to ride them with her.

Do we not have the greatest Dad and isn't he a great "Papa"? He was so much fun and went on everything at least once!
And of course we have the greatest Mom and such a great Grandma too!
We all took turns with the 2 little ones-they couldn't go on much and Peyton wouldn't go on very many rides so we would take turns sitting with them. It worked out great having so many adults there to help with the kids. Peyton was just as happy watching everything around her.

I don't think we can count the number of times the guys went on this ride! Every time they would get off of it they were laughing. I think this had to be one of their favorite rides. It was more fun watching them then I think it was going on the ride. We sure love our boys!

The big bear by the guys favorite ride-cute sisters!
Hadlee loved beating all of us at the game on this fun ride

We are all grateful for this little caterpillar. Peyton LOVED it!
Peyton found something she liked and wasn't affraid of. We were all happy to take several turns taking her on this cute little ride.

Bret and I on the caterpillar

Shay and Ryley
More pictures by grizzly rappids
Shay and I wanted a picture with the huge bear-when we looked at it on the camera we noticed the head was cut off. We laughed and didn't get another one, thanks Mom for being such a great photographer, we love you!
Thursday night we went and watched this water show they do in California Adventure. It was so much fun and so cool to see the things they can do. I can't describe how neat it was. If you get a chance to go to Disneyland it is definitely worth going to see!

Hadlee was posing for me and Bret jumped in the picture with her-she loved me taking pictures of just her! Such a cute girl!
The best Mom and Dad waiting for one of their favorite rides-INDIANA JONES
More GRIZZLY RAPID pictures. If you didn't notice by the pictures we have by this ride, they all loved it-some of us were a little wimpy (myself included) and didn't want to get soaked like the guys were so we got a few poncho's. They were worth it and neither Hadlee or I got wet. What a fun ride!

California Screamer- Hadlee had watched all of the "big kids" go on this roller coaster several times-even her Grandma and Grandpa went on it. She was a little unsure about it, but the last day her Dad convinced her to go. She was pretty funny when she got off of it-She just looked at her Mom and said "Mom, never go on that, it's so fast." She was a trooper and tried everything at least once.

We had such a FUN time in Disneyland! We sure did miss my brother and his family though. Next time we'll convince them to come! The weather was perfect, the lines were short, and all of the kids were great! We couldn't have picked a better time to go. Thanks everyone for the good time and for spending 5 days with us in Sunny California. We are so blessed to have such great families to go on vacations with. Sure do love you guys! We can't wait for next time!