Friday, November 23, 2012

New babies and Halloween!

Our Halloween week was very FUN filled this year! It couldn't have started off any better. My sister Shaylee and her husband Ryley welcomed their first little bundled of joy to their family!
October 29, 2012
8lbs. 15oz. 21 inches long
 Brand new-he was only a few hours old here
 Almost 2 weeks
He could not be any sweeter....of course we can not get enough of this handsome baby boy! We LOVE you baby Ridge and are so happy you're finally here!

 Tuesday, the 30th we had a party at the Pierce's- Check out those awesome decorations!
 All but a few of the grandkids-I wasn't quite fast enough to get pictures of all of them in their costumes But aren't they cute!!!
I did catch this cute little SHARK though
And we found out that Jack and Michelle are having another BOY! We couldn't be more excited for them-they have the cutest baby boys!

All of the grandkids (minus Ridge)
How cute are they? Poor little Wyatt surrounded by all those girls!
Ashlee, Bridger and Parker
I think Bridger's WALDO costume took the cake this year-isn't he the cutest little Waldo?

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST.......Bret and I decided we had better dress up this year!
Since we had such EXCITING news to share with our families we decided Halloween would be the perfect time to do that-we found these shirts on line a few montsh ago and couldn't wait for the parties to wear them. I was 15 weeks when we told our famlies. (it's was so hard to keep such a fun secret for so long..... but so worth it when we told everyone) We are so excited to finally be welcoming a sweet baby into our little family!
Since baby Ridge came home on Halloween and he had a Halloween costume we had to get a picture together! We were just to excited about him being here and us finally being able to share our BIG news! Isn't he the cutest pumpkin you've ever seen!
BABY PIERCE is due APRIL 18th, 2013.....We can hardly wait!