Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pumpkin Party

Ever since Hadlee was little we have carved pumpkins with her. It has turned into a fun little tradition. We have added a few more grand kids to the mix and yummy soup to go along with our pumpkin carving. Peyton, Hadlee and Bridger-these girls can not get enough of their new cousin and can't wait til January....they are FINALLY getting a baby BROTHER. We couldn't be more excited for them, especially for their dad!
Baby Bridger-he was born October 6th. I think he was only 2 week old here. We can't get enough of him. He is so sweet and cuddly!

Bret was a trooper and carved Bridgers pumpkin for him

Kimberly and Peyton

Ryley, Parker and Shaylee

The carving crew

Parker, Shay, Taylor, Hadlee and Peyton

They had so much fun carving pumpkins together.

I had to save the best picture for last! I'm sure they will be less then thrilled that I put this on here but I couldn't resist. Ryley's side of the family has a Halloween party every year and they always dress up. This year Shay and Ry were Batman and Robin. I love their costumes!

We have got to start this tradition on the Pulley side!

Don't they look awesome?!?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Just wanna have fun! I love a little "girl time" every now and then! I have spent lots of that girl time with these 4 girls. The 4 of us lived in Provo together from May of 2007 to August of 2008. We have so many fun memories from our little apartment at The Branbury! We were so worried that after all of us got married we would lose touch with each other but....I am THRILLED to say that we haven't! We have been trying to plan a weekend get a way since we lived together-well 3 1/2 years later it FINALLY happened and it was so much fun! Then-Megan, me, Heidi and Becky
Now-me, Heidi and Becky!
A few weeks ago we packed our bags and headed to Park City for an over nighter! Heidi, Becky and I went Friday night and Megan met up with us on Saturday! (We are lame and only took one picture before Meg got there) Friday night we went to dinner and did a little shopping and of course we laughed until we were crying and stayed up way to late talking! Saturday we did A LOT more shopping went to lunch and did a little more shopping afterwards! We were all worn out by the time we were done. We had the best time together though and it was so worth it! I just LOVE these girls and am so happy we have stayed the best of friends! I can't wait for our next weekend get a way!


Grandma, me, Lucy, Kenzie and Megan
You may recognize these girls from our "onesie" pj party pictures. Well we decided that getting together at our annual Onesie Christmas Party at Grandma's once a year just wasn't enough so we planned a night to go to dinner. We love getting together and it makes it more fun to bring Grandma along with us! I think she feels like "one of the girls" when we bring her and I love it! We couldn't have asked for a better Grandma! Thanks for the fun night girls-I can't wait for our ONESIE party!