Sunday, January 6, 2013

Baby GIRL!!!

That's right! Baby Pierce is a GIRL!!!! We could NOT be more excited to welcome a sweet baby girl into our home.
*Fair warning, this may be a tad bit boring but I want it for me since I'm not a good journal writer. 
As soon as I told my sister I was pregnant she said "it's a girl, I just know it" and I kind of felt the same way. I even bought some girly material for a carseat cover the day I found out I was pregnant. Our Dr. has been SO good to us and has done ultrasounds at every appointment. Going in for our 16 week appointment we were hoping he would take a peek at the gender. As Bret and I sat in the waiting room I asked him what he thought "it" was....He of course said a boy but then said "I think my judgment is clouded because I want it to be a boy." and I was still going with my gut and saying a girl. We got into the ultrasound room and the Dr. asked both of us what we thought-Bret still said a boy and I still said a girl. The Dr said well it looks like a GIRL to me...of course it was still a little bit early so we were trying not to get to excited. I thought Bret would be a little disappointed, every dad wants a little buddy but he was BEAMING when we left the doctors office!  For the next 5 weeks until we went in for our next appointment he kept saying to me "I think I'm going to be kind of sad if we go in and find out it's a boy, my heart is set on a girl." Well he wasn't let down, at our next appointment the Dr. was still sure this baby is a GIRL! It makes me so happy to see how excited and happy he is about our sweet baby girl. Let's be honest though, after what we've been through all either of us wants is a happy healthy baby! It is still so surreal to me to even be pregnant~I get so emotional just thinking about what a miracle it really is. We feel so blessed and are so excited to meet our baby girl...only 15 more weeks to go!!!