Tuesday, May 24, 2011

St. George

Its better late then never....Bret and I were able to go to St. George twice in April. Brets boss always plans a trip for all of the managers and their families to go to Sand Hallow every year. We were lucky enough to go this year and had a blast! We were able to go again over Spring break-I think this is one of my favorite vacations-we are surrounded by family and lots of great friends. I think this year there were close to 40 of us again-with that many people there is NEVER a dull moment! Here are a few pictures from both trips... Shea and Kyle came along too-we had a great time with them
It was so windy-we had sand every where

He loves his bike-I love this picture, such a pretty view!

Bret and Kyle doing what they love-riding bikes

These next pictures are from our second tripThe first day we always spend the afternoon at Sand Hallow. It's a nice relaxing day where the boys do most of the riding and us girls sit around and talk!

Well from the last 2 pictures you can see that it wasn't very nice for all of us. A few of the guys crashed on their bikes, and Bret got the worst of it. Since his chest protector is broken he didn't have that on, his paddle tire ran over his back and ripped through his shirt and tore up his back. He was pretty sore for the next few days. We are just grateful it wasn't any worse then it was. He's a lot tougher then I am, I'm just glad I wasn't there to see the crash. Looks like we need to get him a new protector before he goes riding again!!!

Our favorite trial-THE BARRACKSTiff and I

I met Tiff through Bret's family and just love her!

The Ranger Crew-yes my dad took this big thing on the trip with us, it reminded me of a little jeep you would ride in on a Safari. He loved it-my brother brought his little boy with us on the ride and we just strapped his car seat into the crew. Parker was as champ the whole time and loved the ride.

We had such a good time in St. George! We love that both of our families can go on vacation together. We have the best family and friends! Can't wait for next years trip!