Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shea and Kyle's Wedding

Shea and Kyle were married on February 25th in the Manti Temple! We are so happy for them! We were able to go to their sealing, this was the first time I have been in the Manti Temple and it is so beautiful! It was great to be there with them. JUST MARRIED!!!!
It was such a beautiful day-a little cold but good! We were standing to the side of the Temple and we looked up and the sky was so pretty-Bret took this picture-I love it!
We had to do a little touch up to her hair before the reception!
She made such a beautiful bride!
The newlyweds before the reception
Congratulation Shea and Kyle~We love you!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christmas....better late then never

I know that I am 2 months late posting Christmas and we have alreay had another holiday but I really wanted to post about our first Christmas. Better late then never right? Bret told me its kind of embarrassing that I'm posting Christmas 2 months late so to Bret-sorry for embarrassing you. To everyone else-enjoy the WAY LATE Christmas!
We were so spoiled on Christmas! We got to have our own little Christmas at our house before we went to our parents houses. It was a little different not being home for Christmas but we had so much fun together Christmas morning! I was so excited to give Bret his presents. Christmas is one of my favortie holidays!
We got so spoiled by Brets parents. Us with all of the fun things they gave us!
Christmas morning at my parents house. No all of those presents were not for us. My mom loves Christmas and always gets a little carried away with presents. We were so spoiled there too!
Thanks to both of our parents for all that you do for us and for making our Christmas so fun! We love you guys!
Our first Christmas morning together!
Not the best picture-way to early to be ready for the day
Bret's favorite Christmas present-A CABELA'S gift card. That is all he asked for from everyone so he could buy a new gun-between me and our parents he got enough to buy it! He couldn't have been happier with the gift cards. (as you can see)
I think Bret is the most fun person to watch open presents. He would get so excited every time he opened a new one! It made Christmas morning so much fun at our house!
Our first tree!
Thanks Bret and to both of our families for making Christmas so much fun!


I think my father-in-law might kill me for putting this on the blog but there's a good story behind it. Craig (Bret's dad) is always teasing Bret about occasionally going with me to get a pedicure. . . Bret's reply is always "don't knock it til you've tried it." So we FINALLY talked Craig into going with us. We went on Christmas Eve and had a lot of fun! He actually liked it and has been asking when we're going back! I think we are going to have to make this a new Christmas Eve tradition for the 4 of us!Craig and Nancy enjoying their pedicures
So in Bret and Craigs defense to all of you men out there who may be reading this and wondering what these 2 are doing getting pedicures. "Don't knock it til you've tried it"
Who doesn't love getting there feet rubbed and their back massaged at the same time?


I have been meaning to post these forever. Just before Christmas I was able to watch my sister-in-laws cute girls! We decided to do something fun and take them tubing! Bret's parents took the three girls and Bret and I to Soldier Hollow! We has so much fun-If you haven't been there you need to go! It was a little cold but the girls were such troopers!Ellie, Abbie and Kaylie
They couldn't be any cuter!
Bret and I in the sea of tubes!
The whole gang!
Thanks Craig and Nancy for taking us all tubing! We had such a great time!
Love you guys!