Friday, April 22, 2011

Mom and Dad....

No we are not expecting.....but over the last month and a half Bret and I have watched a couple of friends kids so we have had a lot of practice being Mom and Dad. Unfortunately I wasn't very good at taking pictures so I only got a few of the ones we spent the most time with. We had so much fun watching these kids and got a little eye opener to what parenting is all about!MCDONALD'S

The kids were so excited when they found out we were going there and that we were even going to let them play on the toys! Who knew McDonald's was so great?
We even went to Kangaroo Zoo-the kids loved it!
Hadlee and Hanks

And Ivy was an angel the whole time we were there!

The kids stayed with us for almost a week and we loved it! The weather wasn't very good while they were here so we spent lots of time coloring and watching movies-lucky for us they loved doing both! I love the things kids say and how much they love you even if you aren't family. Sweet little Hanks told us "I just really love you guys here" So sweet coming from a 3 year old. They definitely missed there parents and would ask where they were. We were sad when it was time for them to go, I told them we were going to miss them and I thought Hadlee was going to start crying when she told me she was really going to miss us too. We loved having the kids here and miss them already. Thanks Colby and Heather for sharing your sweet kids with us!