Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Fun

This is going to be a long random post of our summer adventures! We went camping with the Pierce's and some of their friends this summer a few times and had a blast! We love camping with them! And yes that BIG fish is one I caught! Bret's dad bought me the cutest pink fishing pole. I don't hunt with Bret but we love to fish together!
The Lehi Round Up!
Sean and Chloe
My parents even love the rodeo! They are one cute couple! Love them!

I think my niece likes the rodeo more then any of us! She's already a little cowgirl!

One of our friends took us boating this summer and this was the only good picture I got. That's Bret on the knee board!

Bret has loved being able to go riding with my Dad this summer!
He has become quite the cowboy!

4-wheeling is always fun when my sister is there.
Love ya Shay!
Getting ready to head up the mountain

The girls-Me, Ash and Shay