Monday, January 11, 2010

The Best Christmas Ever Onesie Party

This year some of the girl cousins on the Parker side decided to start a new Christmas tradition with Grandma. I have to give you a little background-when we were little we used to watch this movie called the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER over and over until I'm sure we drove Grandma and Grandpa crazy. It is a cute Christmas movie that has lots of fun songs and dancing! It has been a long time since we have all watched it together but needless to say, we still remember the songs and dances! We all decided we would wear our onesies. We even got Grandma a pair. You are just never to old for some things! The movie! Its kinda blury but I had to show a picture of it!
I couldn't figure out how to make it straight~I'm not very good at this yet.

Grandma modeling her new onesie~Isn't she the cutest!

We had to have a picture in front of the tree

Bret was a trooper and came to be our photographer for a while! We had to have lots of pictures! This one is his favorite!

A little booty!Kisses

Strike a pose! Grandma looks a little concerned about what was going on!
We Love her!This is me and Shaylee's favorite picutre. We could not stop laughing. I look like a giant baby! I have the most fun little sister! Love ya Shay!Sisters~Megan, Kallie and Kenzie
Poor Grandma~we wore her out!
We had so much fun together with Grandma! She was such a trooper. Wearing her onesie and taking way to many pictures with us crazy girls! We love her and couldn't ask for a more fun Grandma! We are excited for this new tradition and can't wait for the next Best Christmas Ever Onesie party at Grandmas! Thanks for all the fun girls!


  1. oh ash! you guys are so cute! haha, i love the footie pajamas. so awesome! i must have some now. do you think sean would wear them if i got him some too? hehe. i think i remember you telling us about this movie when we came over a while ago to watch movies. i may have to watch it sometime! anyway, hope you guys are doing well! we need to get together soon!

  2. Ash I wish I could have joined with mine haha! I love that your grandma joined in and wore some too. She is awesome!

  3. Ash, that is so awesome! What a fun tradition. You are so cute and I'm excited to see you this week!

  4. Ash, That is so funny. Your Grandma is the cutest thing. She was so cute in all the pictures.

  5. Love it! You guys are so coo!!! Especially Grandma! You have such a fun family!

  6. I just came across your blog. I LOVE you guys. You are hilarious. Im glad Im apart of your family. email me at if you ever want to see our blog. I just love blogs there great.

  7. Hey...Just found your blog and i'm glad i did. I have one too, but its private. Facebook me your e-mail and I will invite you!

    P.S. I've always wanted PJ'S like that!