Thursday, December 20, 2012

December FUN...

December is one of my favorite months. It might have something to do with my birthday being on the 1st! Bret spoiled me this year and I am so sad I didn't get any proof of it. He took me shopping ALL day long (it was a BIG deal, he HATES shopping-unless its at Cabela's) He took me to Gateway, City Creek, the new outlets at Traverse Mountain and to the University Mall! We ate at one of my favorite restaurants-THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY. It was just a perfect day! He let me shop in all the stores I wanted to and he never complained about it once. He is such a trooper! I wanted to write it down since I didn't get any pictures of our fun day together! I sure do LOVE him!

On with the fun....My cousins and I had our annual ONESIE Party at Grandma's. I know I say this every year but I think I love this tradition more and more each year. We have so much fun together, catching up and laughing about all the good times we had as kids playing at Grandma and Grandpa Parker's house. I think we all feel like kids again when we put our onesies on and watch one of our FAVORITE movies as  "THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER"
Here's the crew...minus Jordan. We got him to take all the pictures 
 The Thomas girls
 The Blackham crew (minus Aubrey)
I have to give a little background on why we only allow one boy, Jordan (the babies are an exception of course) to this onesies party of ours. Well the only cousins that ever watched the movie "The Best Christmas Ever" were from Lucy down-none of the older cousins ever got into it. I'm sure they were to "old and cool" for the movie back then. And poor Jordan got stuck in between EIGHT girls. Yup there are EIGHT of us and he's the only boy close to our age-all the other boys are older. We are so THRILLED that he graced us with his presence this year since his wife came too. Lucky for us we LOVE his wife and she fits right in with us, just like she's always been apart of the family! The only thing he needs for next year is a ONESIE! We'll see what we can find!
 Love my sister!!!
 We had to have proof of sweet baby Ridge being at our party. He even had a little onesie on too!
We had such a great time together watching our movie and laughing at how ridiculous it really is-but of course we still love it, it takes us all back to our childhood and who doesn't love that? Thanks for the fun, can't wait for next year! Love you girlie's! (and boy)

 Mom and Dad Pierce
We were all so excited to go on the Heber Creeper Polar Express ride. I had never been on a train so I was extra excited. I think I had my hopes set a little to high, I expected it to be more like the actual movie and it wasn't. The adults were a little disappointed but the kids LOVED it, and that's who we were there for anyway so it was a success! There were little Elf's serving cookies and hot chocolate, we sang lots of Christmas songs, Mrs. Clause came to visit and even SANTA. The kids were so excited. Santa did give us all a bell (just like on the movie) and the kids loved that. I can't say that we will do it again but it was definitely fun to do once! Thanks Nic for inviting us!


  1. That onesie party looks like so much fun!
    Hope you are feeling well!!