Saturday, April 17, 2010


I know I'm a little late with this post. (I usually am with most of them :) We had such a fun Easter weekend. It was so nice having it over Conference Weekend. We got to spend a lot of time with our families which we love! This year Easter was really fun for me at our house. Last year the Easter Bunny kind of forgot to come to house-well he really just forgot me. Its a long funny story and Bret(the Easter Bunny) hasn't stop hearing about it since. He made sure not to forget Easter this year. I love Holidays-its fun shopping and getting little surprises. This year the Easter Bunny redeemed himself and remembered both of us! Bret picked out this cute pink basket and filled it with some of my favorite treats and a PEDICURE-one of my favorite things. He's so good to me! He didn't want a basket so his just got put on the table. He got a new pair of shorts and a few of his favorite treats. The Easter Bunny took good care of us this year!
After the morning session of Conference we headed to my parents house for a yummy lunch and an Easter Egg hunt for the grandkids. It was a little cold so we had to hurry. It was so fun watching them-and how excited they get when their baskets are overflowing with eggs.
As you can see it is hard to get a good picture when they have treats sitting next to them.
Hadlee, Parker and Peyton
Sweet baby Taylor!
After the second session of Conference we headed over to the Pierce's to have another yummy dinner and Easter egg hunt. We were so spoiled with two delicious meals. I think our moms are two of the best cooks-needless to say we were really full by the end of the day!
CHARLIE-he couldn't be any cuter!
Everytime I tried to get a picure of him he would walk closer to me.
Its close but still so cute-with his mouth full of candy!Charlie, Kaylie and Ellie
We had so much fun playing Easter Bunny for the kids. We have some of the cutest nieces and nephews! We had such a fun Easter weekend and are so grateful to have both of our families so close.

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  1. Oh I love Easter! Kids make it 10 times better! I had fun the other day! Let's get planning our girls night! Asap! Talk to you soon!