Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I think my father-in-law might kill me for putting this on the blog but there's a good story behind it. Craig (Bret's dad) is always teasing Bret about occasionally going with me to get a pedicure. . . Bret's reply is always "don't knock it til you've tried it." So we FINALLY talked Craig into going with us. We went on Christmas Eve and had a lot of fun! He actually liked it and has been asking when we're going back! I think we are going to have to make this a new Christmas Eve tradition for the 4 of us!Craig and Nancy enjoying their pedicures
So in Bret and Craigs defense to all of you men out there who may be reading this and wondering what these 2 are doing getting pedicures. "Don't knock it til you've tried it"
Who doesn't love getting there feet rubbed and their back massaged at the same time?


  1. A little sad I wasn't invited! Maybe next time:) I think I might need one before I have this baby so save up over the next few months and we will make a date with all the girls...even Nichole!!!

  2. Haha Ashley that is so hilarious! Nate said there aren't any real men left in the world to look up to anymore! He is crushed!